“Mate, couldn’t be happier, the service was second to none and the product is fantastic. When I dropped the truck off the guys at Aussie Trax gave me a lift into town and offered to pick me up when the job was finished. They gave me an expected time to fit of 6 hours and were spot on with the timing. When I picked it up, Len was full of useful information on Toyota’s and also gave me a good run down of exactly what they’d done. My old axel was in the back of my truck well wrapped up and protected, most garages would just have dumped it in the back but your team took the time to wrap and protect all the surfaces, great work. I really didn’t expect to notice any difference in the handling on the bitumen, but I was very surprised at how much more stable the truck felt. I guess you get used to constantly correcting the steering but with the new axel no correction was required. It was like driving a different vehicle. Certainly looking forward to putting it through its paces off-road in the soft stuff. Thanks again and please pass on my thanks to your team at Aussie Trax.” -Jeremy

I don’t 4WD often except for work but last week I did have to drive down to one of our large dams to pull out a stuck vehicle. My Ute made it down to the sandy muddy dam and out again without a hitch. It has never driven so smooth. I’m not sure if others say this but I feel the Ute feels better on the road as well as off road. It’s great. – Rob

Hi Todd, thank you for your service. The diff was easy to fit. Its a completely different vehicle to drive and tow with. Its an excellent product and would high recommend it. – Robert