About Us

8 years ago Dwiz Diff Housings began manufacturing stronger Diff housings for their Fraser Island 4WD Hire fleet. It was very common for the Factory Diff Housings to fail in the fleet due to constant off road use.

To avoid this, Dwiz designed a super strong Diff Housing that withstand driving in harsh environments, and also carry extra weight.

As shown in the cad drawing below, our Inner Tube and Blocking design gives increased internal strength in critical areas, without sacrificing ground clearance.

Benefits of our design

  • Increased Load Rating
  • Easy to apply design to other models of vehicles
  • Internal strength (up to 199% stronger than factory)
  • Maximised ground clearance
  • Strengthened in Critical areas
  • SSM/ADR Approved
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia
  • Tested on Fraser Island over 100,000kms