Fitting Instructions


What warranty comes with the housing/axles? 2yr/50,000kms

Where are the housings manufactured? Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia

Do the housings run OEM bearings/Seals + Gaskets? Yes, some components may no longer use OEM parts such as suspension bolts. Enquire for specific information relating to your model

Can I fit myself? Yes you can fit yourself, we provide fitting instructions. We do however recommend you have your housing fitted with one of our preferred installers as they are experienced and trained in fitting.

Do I need an engineer to sign it off once fitted? In most cases yes, there are some products and instances that will not require this, enquire directly for advice on this.

What costs are covered under warranty? DWIZ Will cover the cost of repair or replacement of the diff only if it has been found to be caused by manufacture defect. In order to claim warranty, the vehicle must have been signed off by an engineer (If applicable) to include the diff fitted to the vehicle. Exceeding GVM voids warranty.

Can you make my housing custom to suit different diff centres or suspension set ups? We avoid custom work that we cannot guarantee fitment due to changing components such as diff centres from other vehicles. We can however supply bare housings without mounting brackets etc for you to modify yourself.