Airbag Suspension

Toyota Landcruiser 4WD V8 Leaf Spring AIRBAG Kits

  • Bead Lock System – Once bolted together – never let go!
  • Support Wires – 9 High Tensile Central, 4 Each End
  • Cured Natural rubber
  • Ballistic woven reinforcing
  • 6mm Powder Coat Steel End Caps
  • Burst Pressure – Over 1000psi
  • Independent Test Pressure – 600psi
  • Recommended working range – 5psi – 160psi

BOSS air bags have a recommended test pressure of 480psi. That meets the pressure vessel industry guidlines of 3 times the maximum working pressure.

BOSS air bags are undeniably the strongest in the automotive industry and exceed any other airbag brands by nearly double.

When BOSS air bags are utilised in the load assist applications it’s virtually impossible to pull the bags apart. Since BOSS started manufacturing it’s own air bags in 2005, we have never had an airbag fail from over extention.

Up to 2 inch Lift LA-09: Price $685.00 incl GST plus $40 shipping

Over 2 inch Lift LA-T09: Price $735.00 incl GST plus $40 shipping

Incab compressor and 3 botton incab Gauge: Price $549.00 incl GST plus $40 shipping